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BOC Application
Sep 15, 2021

BOC Approved Provider Application

1. Organization

Organization Name

2. Responsibility and Control

A. Contact Information

Contact Person


Street Address

City State Zip

Phone (include area code)

Fax (include area code)


Organization Internet Address

B. Educational Activities

Fill out the attached course matrix with all of the building engineering and energy management related education or training programs that you would like approved for credit towards the BOC designation. You may also use the matrix if you are in the planning stages of your courses or if your courses are in revision. Be sure to fully complete this document as it will weigh heavily on whether a program is approved for credit or not.

3. System For Awarding Credits

A. Please attach a brief description of the system you have in place to calculate credit hours and how you identify participants who complete educational activities. Please include a copy of your organization or organizational unit’s written policy on record retention and record privacy and include the name and title of the person responsible for this process.

B. Please indicate the number of years your organization has been conducting continuing education/training: _____ years

C. Please indicate the total number of building engineering and energy management related continuing education/training events conducted during the past calendar year: _____ events

D. Please indicate the total number of building engineering and energy management related continuing education/training events anticipated in the upcoming calendar year: _____ events

E. Are your continuing education or training activities currently approved by another agency or agencies?                       ___ Yes           ___ No

If yes, please list those agencies below.

4. Learning Environment

A. How does your organization ensure that learning events are held in facilities that are conducive to learning?  

B. If your organization offers online or other distance learning opportunities, how do you ensure that participants are informed before registering for the program of any software, hardware or other technical needs?

5. Needs Identification

A. Describe the process used by your organization to assess and identify the needs of target audiences and how that information is used to plan events. Please attach sample forms or data gathering methods used to document the process.

B. Attach a copy of marketing materials that demonstrates that participants are given clear information on the target audience and any prerequisites.

6. Learning Outcomes

Attach a sample set from two or three programs that demonstrate that learning outcomes are clearly and concisely communicated to learners and potential registrants.

7. Planning and Instructional Personnel

A. Describe the process your organization uses to identify and screen presenters/instructors to determine if they are competent in the subject matter to be taught, that they understand the learning event’s purpose and learning outcomes and that they have knowledge and skills in instructional methods and learning processes.

B. Describe the process in place used to monitor and provide feedback to instructors.

8. Content and Instructional Materials

Attach a sample set from two or three programs that demonstrates the interrelationship between established learning outcomes, the course content and the instructional methods and materials used.

9. Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Describe the methods of learning assessment commonly used in your organization’s programs or courses and attach a copy of a sample assessment (i.e. test, report, project, research paper, etc).

10. Record Retention

Within one month after completion of the program, approved providers shall send the list of attendees to the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council, BOC Program, 605 First Ave., Ste. 401, Seattle, WA 98104.

This list shall contain:

• Name of BOC approved provider

• Name, dates and location of the program

• For each attendee, provide name, address, phone number, and student ID, if applicable.

NEEC’s BOC Program Administrator will record credit towards the BOC in attendee records and will retain this information for seven years. NEEC is making the evaluation of your programs and keeping record of the attendance at the event. Approved providers  must also maintain copies of the continuing education unit records for seven years.

11. Post-Event Evaluation

A. Describe how your organization uses the program/course evaluation to develop future programs or courses.

B. Attach course/program evaluations for three of the course programs used in section 9 of this application form.

12. BOC Logos

Use of the BOC Approved Provider logo and statement shall be limited to the manner specified by NEEC to appear. Before any logos or statements are included in any promotional or informational materials created by approved providers, sample copy must be approved by NEEC’s BOC Program Administrator. Unauthorized use of BOC logos may result in loss of approved provider status.

13. Site Visit

NEEC reserves the right to execute a site visit to the applicant or approved provider at any time before, during or after the application process. The purpose of the site visit is to verify the accuracy of the information provided on the application, review all materials and information required to show compliance with the Approved Provider criteria and develop a physical and cultural sense of the organization.

14. Fees

Please include the BOC Approved Provider Program application fee of $250 at the time of application. The initial application fee will be applied to the first year’s agreement fee. Checks should be made payable to Northwest Energy Efficiency Council, and mailed Attention: BOC Program Administrator, 605 First Ave., Ste. 401, Seattle, WA 98104

Upon approval of the application, a fee for the first year will be due (minus the application fee).  The fee is calculated at $100/student based on your estimate of the number likely to apply for BOC certification from your program for the calendar year. [Example: If an estimated 10 students apply for BOC certification in the year, the fee would be calculated at 10 students x $100/student = $1,000 for the annual fee.]

Approved Provider Agreement

As the representative for my organization and an applicant for the BOC Approved Provider program, I agree to:

A. Provide accurate and truthful information to NEEC in all transactions and to the best of my ability.

B. Conduct our operations, courses and programs in an ethical manner that respects the rights and worth of the people we serve.

C. Provide full and accurate information about our programs, services, and fees in our promotions and advertising.

D. Use the BOC Approved Provider logo and statement only in the manner that they have been specified by NEEC to appear.

E. Report to NEEC any significant content change or educational contact hour changes to an existing pre-approved course or program.

F. Accept the auditing process as outlined.

G. Waive fees for any NEEC monitors who attend a program for auditing purposes.

H. Furnish information and or changes to your program requested by NEEC in a timely manner.

I. Accept the record retention rules and responsibility of the approved provider for record retention.

I hereby agreement to abide by the statements above.


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