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  • Based on legislation Local 302 helped enact to set prevailing wage at the highest collective bargaining agreement rate in county

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    About Us
    The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302 (IUOE Local 302) is a three-state local representing approximately 14,000 working women and men in Alaska, Idaho, and Washington. We were chartered in 1905 and have been representing Operating Engineers throughout our jurisdiction since our inception. We have offices throughout the states in our jurisdiction as well as training centers that are responsible for our apprentice and journey-level training responsibilities. If you have any questions or interest in learning more about the IUOE, Local 302 please don't hesitate to contact us, you can find all our contact information on our Contact page.
    IUOE 302 History
    In 1905, 29 members sought and were successful in obtaining approval for our initial charter to become a recognized local union of the IUOE. Over the years, our territory has changed where we originally had jurisdiction through most of Washington southeast to Spokane, Alaska (1937), and even into Montana (1933) for Hoisting and Portable (construction) operations. Over the years, our jurisdiction has changed significantly, but we have expanded our representation both in geographic representation as well as the inclusion of Stationary Operations throughout our three-state jurisdiction.
    Who We Represent
    IUOE, Local 302 represents approximately 14,000 working men and women performing Hoisting and Portable (construction) and Stationary (building service maintenance, school district employees, etc.) operations in Alaska, Idaho, and Washington. Our members have the specialized skills necessary to proficiently perform a wide range of work duties in a variety of work settings, including: construction sites, hospitals, schools, data warehouses, high-rises, hotels, and a variety of governmental operations.

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