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Dec 03, 2021
Content here will be regular news that is available to anyone to view.

Dear Western Washington Hoisting & Portable Brothers & Sisters,

We have received our contract booklets for:

  • AGC MLA (Orange)
  • Independent Contractors MLA (Blue)
  • NWCOA (Brown)

Our agents will be picking these up in the coming days to distribute them out to jobsites, other halls besides Bothell will be receiving them as well within the week. However if you are able to and would like to stop by the Bothell hall today to grab one, they are available there as well.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

For those of you who are working under the Washington AGC Master Labor Agreement (AGC MLA) or the Master Labor Agreement for Independent Contractors of Western Washington (MLAWW) for Districts 1-4, this is a reminder that Martin Luther King Day (this coming Monday, 1/17/2022) is now a holiday under these 2 contracts. There are several agreements in Washington that don't observe MLK Day as a holiday. If you're unsure which contract you're working under, you can reach out to your agent or dispatch to find out.

Dear Brothers & Sisters of District 286,

Due to Covid-19 positive tests and tracing, our scheduled monthly union meeting for tonight (1/11/2022) will be cancelled. If you have any questions, please reach out to your unit’s rep. If you don’t have their contact information, you can always call into any of our front offices to obtain that information.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As you can see, our website has a whole new look. With this new website, new applications to get access to the website's members' only areas are no longer going to have to wait to be approved manually, we have automated the ability for you to have immediate access to the website as soon as you login.

We are not done with just this new website update. Our next step for our plans with the website is to introduce the ability to pay your dues online. We will keep you updated when have more to share on this.

This new update also includes the merger of our Stationary brothers and sisters' website into our own, for a united Local 302.

Because of the change in our login system everyone will be required to register for new accounts to the website, even if you previously had an account on either of the old sites (Hoisting & Portable and Stationary) you will be required to register a new account. Our new website's registration has also changed. Previously it helped if you provided your registration number when setting up your account for us to verify you were a member in good standing to grant you access. With your new system, it is required for you to enter your 7-digit ID. If you do not, you will not be able to get access to the members' only areas of the website. You can always find your registration number on your most recent dues card or your hard plastic IUOE ID card that the International provides. If you do not have either of those available to you, you can always call into any of our front offices to obtain that registration number.

While we have not had any issues with our new login system, with any new system you never know what may happen. If you experience any issues logging in, please send a descriptive email of the issue you're experiencing with getting access to the site to mainoffice@iuoe302.org. We will be responding to all emails as soon as possible to help out.

Union Busting: What It Is & How It Works

Washington Membership Update – Covid Vaccination Mandate:

As you may have heard the State Workers’ Union recently withdrew their lawsuit and came to terms with the Governor regarding the vaccination mandate.  Essentially, the Union has bargained on behalf of their governmental employee members on a state-wide basis what we are doing daily for our members on a contract-by-contract basis.  The effects bargaining resulted in provisions ensuring that their members had appropriate time to obtain the vaccination if their exemption request was denied, the ability to use their earned leave up to 45 days while they get the vaccination, and an additional personal holiday as an incentive to get the vaccination. 

The terms negotiated were designed to be responsive to the mandate and are consistent with the negotiations and agreements that are currently being negotiated by Local 302 in its public sector Stationary bargaining units.  The Hoisting and Portable side of the house is a bit more complicated (as we have informed members at the membership meetings) given the nature of the Governor’s mandate to the site owners, which in turn is applied to the contractors working on these sites.  Thus, our signatory contractors have not initiated a mandate but rather are responding to the directives from the public agency construction site owners.  Nevertheless, we are doing our best to ensure that our members are represented and, where applicable, we are bargaining with employers to address the impacts of the mandate implementation. 

Based on our recent conversations with the Governor’s office this mandate is moving forward on schedule.  The hospitalization, covid positive tests, and deaths are all peaking at levels at or above the highest levels we’ve seen throughout this pandemic.  We were also advised that the availability of the Johnson and Johnson (one-shot) vaccination is on a drastic decline so the timing for complying with the mandate via the two-shot vaccination option is today in order to be compliant by October 18th.  Obviously, other work options are available outside the state public works arena, but we are seeing more and more local jurisdictions initiate similar mandatory vaccination provisions.  All this to say that we respect and appreciate our members personal decisions with respect to being vaccinated or not and we will do our best to support you. 

In Solidarity,

Daren Konopaski

Business Manager

Important Meetings Notice

Attention all Members: Due to the increased governmentally mandated restrictions in response to the rise in COVID-19 numbers, we are again requiring masks to be worn in order to enter our facilities for normal business operations as well as for union meetings for all districts. This decision is consistent with governmental mandates within our jurisdiction and is necessary for the health and wellbeing of our members. This mandatory mask requirement is effective immediately. We ask that you bring your own mask as we will not have masks on hand at our facilities.  You will not be allowed to enter the building if you do not have and wear your mask. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these trying times and we all must work together to prevent further expansion of the virus. 

Daren Konopaski, Business Manager

Volunteers Needed - Ballot Counting for Crane Agreement on 9/3/2021

Dear Western Washington Brothers & Sisters,

We are asking for anyone who is willing to volunteer to count ballots this coming Friday, 9/3/2021, for the Northwest Crane Owners Association Agreement.

If you are interested and able to, please call us at (425) 806-0302, and dial ext. 105 for Monique. Please be ready and at the Bothell hall by 8:30 AM.

Washington Membership Update – Covid Vaccination Mandate:

We wanted to alert the membership regarding Governor Inslee’s recent decision to mandate vaccinations by October 18th for state employees.  This mandate also extends to workers on all state public works projects.  First, we are discouraged that the Governor chose not to discuss this decision with us prior to his announcement as it affects a great deal of our members in both Stationary and Hoisting and Portable operations.  Second, as an affiliate with the Washington State Labor Council, we are working with them to understand the collective labor position on this matter.  Third, as a member of the Governor’s Construction Covid Roundtable, we are working with the Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council to evaluate our options and the appropriate next steps moving forward under this new mandate.  Finally, we have hesitated to make any announcement or take an official position as we explore our options, including: analyzing the legal aspects and ramifications of the decision; considering our possible bargaining position(s); and understanding our recourse, if any, for situations where our members refuse or are unable to receive the vaccination. 

All this to say we are working on it and we will let you know if and when we have any further guidance or position on this matter.

In Solidarity,

Daren Konopaski
Business Manager

Dear Western Washington Brothers & Sisters,

If you have not received your ballot by now, we advise you call the Bothell hall ((425) 806-0302, option 1). We’re verifying anyone who is calling in that they should have received a ballot, and once we have verified we are calling each member back to find out if they would like a new ballot that we will either;

  1. Mail out a new ballot to the member after verifying the correct address is on file or…
  2. You can opt to come pick up your ballot (if you’re able to) in person at the Bothell hall during our regular business hours, the benefit is that we have a ballot drop box in the lobby so if you know how you’re voting, you can complete your ballot at the hall as well and drop off your sealed vote.

Ballots are due back by 8/23/2021 to be counted on 8/24/2021.

Important Meeting Update

Attention all Members: The Executive Board met today, June 30th and decided to hold all July District meetings. With the recent news about increased vaccination numbers and relaxed Covid restrictions, the Executive Board decided that the in-person hosting of union meetings should be reinstated in accordance and compliance with all state Covid requirements.

We are excited to once again be able to host union meetings in-person and look forward to seeing folks at the meetings. We respectfully request that any posted or stated guidelines at the meetings be followed and that we appreciate members on-going patience during these difficult times.

If you have any questions or need anything, don't hesitate to contact us.

District 286's meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13th at 7:00 p.m. at the Auburn Union Hall.

Dear Western Washington Brothers & Sisters,

Please head to the member home for a new a message and update from your bargaining team as of 6/15/2021 for the AGC, Independent, and NWCOA Negotiations.

Dear Western Washington Brothers & Sisters,

Please head to the member home for a new message and update from your bargaining team as of 6/14/2021 for the NWCOA negotiations.



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