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Oct 27, 2022

In the construction trades...

It PAY$ to be UNION 

The median weekly earnings for construction workers in the U.S. last year was $1,254 for union members and just $920 for non-union workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, based on 2020 data.

It especially pays if you're a UNION Operating Engineer!  Members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302 are earning
$72.20 to $79.10 total package per hour in Washington state, $60.18 to $69.64 total package per hour in Alaska, and $49.96 to $55.86 total package per hour in Idaho.  This Total Package includes:

  • Best pension in the business

  • Family health, dental and vision

Other Benefits that you may enjoy include:

  • Time-and-a-half after 8 hours and on Saturdays

  • Regular wage and benefit increases

You’re doing the work.  Make sure you get paid! 

Heavy construction equipment operators just like you are making more money, getting better benefits, and earning their retirement security. All because they have a union contract!

You owe it to yourself -- and to your family -- to make sure you are getting the wages, benefits and respect you deserve.  Forget about whatever you’ve heard or been told about why you shouldn’t join a union.  Call and get the facts, and decide for yourself! 

How you can join

Local 302 is a journeyman-only hall. If you do not have 2 years of experience, we advise you give one of our Training Centers a call, you can find their contact information under the "How To Join" menu option. If you do have the 2 years of experience, here's the basics of how you can join:

  • Stop by the closest local union hall to talk with the Dispatch of that hall, you can find out which hall is closest to you here.
  • Pay to be on our out-of-work list as a non-member for 30 days (you can renew before the deadline of your last day on the list to keep your place past the original 30th day), the cost depends on your location:
    • Alaska halls: $20.25
    • Washington / Idaho halls: $30

      If you bring in anything with you such as a CDL, please make sure to bring a copy of your driver's license, we will need to keep a copy of it on file.
  • Once you have an official dispatch through our hall, you have 10 days to come back into the hall and complete your initiation paperwork to begin the process of joining the union.
  • Once initiation is paid off between you and the local, you become a member and begin paying your monthly dues (all of this will be further explained once you are at this step and in the office with the front office staff).

    If you have any further questions, we advise you come into the hall and talk with Dispatch in person to give you the best possible answers.

Contact Operating Engineers Local 302
 Washington (206) 391-2336 or email - mallard@iuoe302.org

Alaska (907) 441-0873 or email - bsims@iuoe302.org

Idaho (208) 406-3456 or email - jperry@iuoe302.org

Contact us TODAY!




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