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December 06, 2021
Upcoming Events
District 4 meeting (Ellensburg, WA)
Dec 08, 2021
Union Hall, 403 S. Water St.
District 5 Meeting (Lewiston, ID)
Dec 08, 2021
Central Labor Council, 1618 Idaho St. Suite 102 Lewiston, ID 83501
District 4 meeting (Wenatchee, WA)
Dec 09, 2021
Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel, 201 N. Wenatchee Ave.
District 3 meeting (Aberdeen, WA)
Dec 09, 2021
Eagles Hall, 200 W. Market St.
District 5 Meeting (Spokane, WA)
Dec 13, 2021
Union Hall, 510 S ELM
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Health & Pension


Local 302's Health and Pension plans are administered by WPAS, Inc. (the Welfare and Pension Administrative Service), and controlled by a Board of Trustees with five Union representatives and five Employer representatives.  If you have questions about the plans, visit, or contact Trustees directly:

Daren Konopaski, IUOE Local 302, 425-806-0302
Jason Alward, IUOE Local 302, 907-561-5288
Sean Jeffries,IUOE Local 302, 425-806-0302
Curt Koegen, IUOE Local 302, 425-806-0302
Todd Mickelson


Brett Ferullo, Northwest Construction, Inc., 425-453-8380
Mike Lee, Lakeside Industries, 425-313-2600
Mike Miller, Wilder Construction, 907-344-2593
Mike Tucci, Tucci & Sons, 253-922-6676
Doug Peterson, AGC of Washington, 206-284-0061




Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
When you require health care, you may choose any covered physician, hospital or health care provider. However, benefits may be more favorable if you receive care from a PPO provider or hospital within the PPO Service Area.
If you are covered by Medicare, you do not need to use PPO providers. Medicare already has special negotiated rates with most providers.

PPO Service Areas
Washington. Premera is the PPO in Washington State. It includes hospitals, physicians and other providers. If you plan to receive medical care in Washington, be sure to call First Choice Health at (800) 231-6935 or visit their website at for a current list of providers.

Anchorage Borough. The PPO in Alaska is limited to Providence Alaska Medical Center in the Anchorage Borough; at the present time it does not include any other hospitals or any physicians or other providers in Alaska.
To receive the highest level of benefits within the PPO Service Area, choose PPO providers and/or hospitals and make sure all providers that may be involved in your medical treatment are PPO providers. For example, if you are expecting to have surgery, inform your physician that when providers involved in your surgery (such as an assistant surgeon or anesthesiologist) are PPO providers, you receive higher benefits from your plan. Also, try to make sure that any freestanding lab or x-ray services used by your physician in your medical treatment are covered PPO providers.

Outside of Washington and the Anchorage Borough, The Fund uses the following provider networks:
• Premera includes hospitals, physicians and other providers in Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. Please visit their website at for a current list of providers.
• Beach Street/Viant network includes hospitals, physicians and other providers in Alaska and all other states except Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. If you plan to visit or receive medical care in these states, be sure to call them at (800) 877-1444 or visit their website at for a current list of providers.

Utilizing these providers can reduce your out-of-pocket expense because the network providers have agreed to discount their fees.

If Plan participants have any questions, please contact the Administration Office at 206-441-7314 or 877-441-1212, or visit

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